It's important to start out as you intend to go on.  Planting a hedge correctly will ensure that it is healthy and happy for years to come.

We have experience in planting hedges in both urban and rural environments.  Where possible, symbiotic mycorrhizae are introduced to reduce the time for your new hedge to reach full height, and to increase vigour.


Our speciality!  We trim hedges just how you want them.

A hedge is usually the first thing you see when you look out of your window, so we make them absolutely perfect.

Don't believe us?  Have a look in our Gallery to see some examples.


If your hedge has grown too tall or wide, we can cut it down to any size you want and leave it looking great.


If your hedge is no longer healthy and isn't looking good, then maybe the time has come to remove or replace it.

We can remove both the tops and stumps leaving a tidy space for a flower bed or a new hedge.

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